About Us

About CMJ

CMJ Breweries is a leading business group in the northeastern state of India, Meghalaya having diversified interests in alcoholic beverages. It is credited with one of the largest single location investments in India in alcoholic beverages segment comprising of a brewery, distillery, IMFL Bottling plant & a malt manufacturing facility.

About CMJ

Who we are, What we Do


To become a timeless global brand in the liquor industry producing world class products and being conscious and responsible towards society and environment.

What we aspire to be


To achieve Pan India presence and breakthrough in global markets with world class liquor products.


The company has set up a fully automated green field brewery at Meghalaya with the latest technology.

The brewery has a capacity of 3,50000 HL.

The brewery is also a contract manufacturer for Mohan Meakins Ltd, United Breweries Ltd, Yuksome Breweries Pvt.Ltd, Devan Modern Breweries Pvt. Ltd.

The brewery has tied up with a premium German brand “Kaltenberg” for manufacturing as well as distribution rights – Pan India. Kaltenberg beer is currently available in Mumbai, Pune, Goa, Daman.

The company has set up a complete KHS canning line with a capacity of 16,000 CPH with the ‘Pull Cap’ facility.

How do we brew?

Milling Malted barley is gently crushed in our mill and then added to the mash tun

Mashing Millled method barley and purified not water combines they enter the mash tun. The hot water (brewing liquor), activates enzymes that convert malt starches ito fermentable sugars.

Lautering Our mashtun is especially designed to separate the sweet malty liquid called wort (pronounced wert), from the hot porridge-like mash. To extract as much of the malt flyovers, colours and aromas as possible. We wash or spurge the grains with hot water as the wort is pumped across the kettle.

The Boil We boil the wort in the brew kettle for around 90 minutes. This is when we add the hops to contribute additional flavors, aromas and beer's unmistakable bitterness.

Whirlpooling The boiled wort is whirlpooled inside the kettle. This allows the spent hops (trub) to collect at the bottom so we can remove them.

Cooling The hot hopped wort is pumped through our wort chiller and rapidly cooled to room temperature while being transferred to our fermenters.

Fermentation As we fill the fermented, we add yeast. The yeast consumes the sugars in the wort and prodcues alcohol, flavors and carbon dioxide. On average, our ales take three to five days to ferment, lagers seven to ten days.

Aging We age our beer for upto four weeks. Aging allows our brewmaster's carefully crafte aromas and falvors to fully develop.

Packaging The beer is ready to be sipped ad savoured, analyzed and anjoyed. We package our beer in-house in bottles, cans and kegs.